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Recap • Open Day - Experience science

An opportunity to immerse yourself in digital worlds! There was something to discover on every floor on our open day. Explore virtual worlds, experience auditory experiments and enjoy refreshing mocktails.


Saturday, 25. May 2024


Kreativ Campus Detmold
Bielefelder Str. 66a
32756 Detmold

Discovering research makes you thirsty. Luckily, we've got you covered with our delicious KIOnemas.

Welcome to KIO!

You had the opportunity to meet us at the KreatIvinstitut.Ostwestfalen-Lippe and experience our research projects live. With such a concentrated load of research, it's easy to lose track, so we'll summarise what we had to show you.

At the KIO, we combine expertise in digital media production, musicology and other creative disciplines. We specialise in composition and sound design. We explore new forms of music and demonstrated their integration into virtual spaces using AR and VR. Our free-field room in the basement, equipped with special acoustically effective wedges, enables precise sound measurements in absolute silence. Visitors were able to discover tropical locations in virtual reality, climb to dizzying heights and defend their castle in epic battles. Our KIOnema mocktail stand rounded off the day on a fruity-sweet note.
Whether generatively created, newly composed or freshly remixed. Insights into the facets of our music research!

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In our VR labs, we are researching the future of virtual and augmented reality. Paddle on tropical beaches in a virtual canoe, balance on a beam at dizzying heights or hike through the jungle on our omnidirectional treadmill. Our immersive installations provide an insight into our research focus on digital media production.

For those who want to delve even deeper into the virtual world, visitors were able to take a look inside the 3D scanner and create a digital model of themselves in just a few minutes. A project by students was also on show: In Tabletop-Tumult, you could co-operatively defend a castle in VR and on the PC. Specially developed games such as Jungle Rush, a platform game and Rock Paper Shoot! could be extensively tested. AR technology provided an insight into the raw system of our treasure chest.

Locomotion in virtual reality, the interplay between VR and flatscreen gaming, augmented reality sound design, the virtual orchestra... There was a lot to experience in the digital world!


There is also a lot to research about sound! In the "Digital Humanities, Music Informatics" research field, there were sound experiments to try out and participate in. At our Interactive Drunken Sailor, our guests composed their own version of the shanty classic and the Interactive Listening Station offered a Faust edition by Goethe. The virtual organ delighted visitors with its immersive sound and invited them to explore the digital possibilities. With immersive music, it is also possible to create and try out a direct link between notation and sound/video recordings of music and dance.

The open day offered a lot of research to try out - whether in our guided tours or on your own. Thanks to everyone who was there, got lost in the stations, found new ideas and made new contacts!

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