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Teamwork makes Dreamwork


Tuesday, 10. October 2023




Nobody works alone!
The collegues introduced each other in teams of three.

Our recent team event, organized by Lebenskünstla, took place in the impressive setting of the newly reimagined Lüerdissen Resurrection Church. This special gathering brought together the employees of the KreativInstitut.Ostwestfalen-Lippe not only to experience an unforgettable team bonding but also to collectively focus on the institute's objectives.

Throughout the day, we had the opportunity to get to know each other better and enhance our teamwork skills. Through a diverse mix of team games, archery, board games, and self-assessment tests, we discovered the individual strengths and weaknesses within our team and how these play harmoniously within our team dynamics.

The evaluation of a self-assessment test.
Our team brings together different strengths.
One initiates, and the team's work takes off.

It was an enriching experience where the employees of the KreativInstitut.Ostwestfalen-Lippe not only grew closer as colleagues but also as a cohesive team. This team event will undoubtedly remain in our memories for a long time, aiding us in working even more effectively and in harmony towards achieving the institute's goals: bringing together and strengthening the creative economy and science.

Quote The team event by Lebenskünstla was an absolute success. As a team, we got to know each other better and recognized our individual strengths. Now, we are collectively aiming towards the future of the institute.

Leonie Hans, executive management

Thanks to Lebenskünstla!

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Dominik Remmert

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