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How do the district, city and university work together in Ostwestfalen-Lippe? With this question in mind, representatives from Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences and Traunstein district (Bavaria) came to us.


Wednesday, 17. January 2024


Kreativ Campus Detmold
Innovation Campus Lemgo

Constructive exchange across state and district borders

An eight-person delegation consisting of District Administrator Siegfried Walch and Lothar Wagner from the Traunstein District Office, President Professor Heinrich Köster, Vice President Professor Dr. Stephanie Kapitza, Vice President Professor Dr. Peter Niedermair, Professor Dr. Kilian Stauß as well as Doreen Franzke and Yona Schmälzle from Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences visited the TH OWL last week to find out about the active cooperation between the district, city and university at the Kreative Campus Detmold and the Innovation Campus Lemgo.

The desire for exchange across state borders and supra-regional cooperation stemmed from the fact that both regions and the two universities with their multiple locations are very similar. The development goals with broadly diversified but thematically focused offerings on the various campuses provided plenty to talk about - including the spatial design and the integration of education and business.

Quote An exchange at eye level with similar structures helps us move forward together

Prof. Dr. Guido Falkemeier, Management

In addition to Lippe's District Administrator Dr. Axel Lehmann and Lemgo's Mayor Markus Baier, Chancellor Nicole Soltwedel, Vice President Professor Dr. Yvonne-Christin Knepper-Bartel, Professor Dr. Guido Falkemeier and Leonie Hans from TH OWL were also involved. The guests from Bavaria were first able to visit the new buildings on the Kreativ Campus Detmold, Media Production and KreativInstitut.OWL. Leonie Hans and Professor Falkemeier explained how the two buildings were financed and how the projects were implemented in cooperation with the district of Lippe and the city of Detmold.

The concept and realization of the media buildings was particularly interesting for the guests from Rosenheim, as similar buildings are to be built in Traunstein. After the exchange in Detmold, the InnovationSPIN and the Future Food Factory were part of the program in Lemgo.

However, what was important at both TH OWL locations was the low-threshold exchange between the participants. Upcoming challenges and solutions found were discussed and advice was given on how we can continue to learn and benefit from each other.

Further events and close cooperation with mutual support across state and district borders were agreed. To be continued.

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