Our team of specialists in the fields of software development, media design, 3D and project management has set itself the goal of researching and improving modern technologies and putting the knowledge gained into practice. New ideas are generated and put into practice through joint media projects, events and transfer events with agencies, media professionals, companies, schools, universities and furthermore.

Advantages of our research

Innovative immersion and interaction
Our expertise in virtual, augmented and extended reality, WebXR and modern technologies such as photogrammetry enables agencies and media creators to design immersive and interactive experiences that transport audiences into fascinating digital worlds and offer unique narrative possibilities.
Efficient websites
Our focus on web technologies enables media professionals and agencies to present cutting-edge content directly in the browser, increasing both reach and user-friendliness. With WebXR, we create a seamless integration of virtuality into digital reality. The sustainability aspect is integrated into the implementation of websites.
Realistic visualization with photorealistic effects
By using modern infrastructure such as our 3D body scanner and the latest technologies such as photogrammetry and gaussian splatting, we offer media creators the opportunity to create realistic 3D models and achieve impressive visual effects. This enables higher quality in digital media production and opens up new opportunities for artists to express themselves.

The right team for the job

Our team combines diverse areas of digital media production, including expertise in virtual and augmented reality, WebXR and modern technologies such as photogrammetry and gaussian splatting. We have a deep understanding of creative processes and narrative structures. This unique combination enables us to use innovative technologies and also integrate them creatively into projects and transfer them to the industry.

Our expertise in web development enables us to integrate digital content seamlessly and efficiently into the internet. Our understanding of immersive technologies opens up new dimensions for creative forms of expression.

We are also characterized by a high degree of flexibility. Both in terms of adapting to specific requirements and integrating new technologies as well as trends. Our collaboration with agencies, media and artists is characterized by a partnership approach based technical expertise and on creative inspiration.

Quote In my opinion, the interplay between human creativity and artificial intelligence is the key skill of the future.

Leonie Hans

Contact Person

Prof. Dr. Guido Falkemeier
Prof. Dr. Alexander Kutter


Our other areas of research

Composition & Sound Design

This area deals with technologies for analyzing and composing music, including the development of software and computer-based instruments. The field of film informatics focuses on the creation, analysis and distribution of film and video content using technologies for editing, animation, special effects and sound design.


Research activities in this area focus on image and sound manipulation, automated annotation and new data processing methods. Human-centred design and human-computer interaction play a central role here.