Project report

Immersive Internet – the future of websites

This autumn, we celebrated the move into our institute building. Every day, we research and develop with virtual and augmented reality headset, experiment with innovative sound syntheses and brainstorm about ways to store and digitally process artistic and cultural content. We strive to share our fascination and the diverse research and experimentation opportunities of our institute to everyone, at least so that they can take a look! That is why we would like to present some of our research areas as a 3D website.

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Project status

In development

Websites, now in 3D!

We know the internet as a two-dimensional space. Playful designs throw in shades from time to time, but in the end websites are mostly flat and minimalistic. With the innovations happening in the area of 3D graphics with animated films or modern video games, 3D graphics have taken centre stage in the media. In the case of websites, however, the disciplines of web development and 3D graphics and animation had few points of contact to date and the possibilities of integrating 3D graphics into websites have only emerged in recent years. As a result, not so many 3D websites exist yet.

3D websites are striving to incorporate these graphical advances into our everyday internet experience and utilise the new possibilities to tell stories or showcase products.

Using the software packages Three.js and React Three Fibre, we position self-built 3D models of our equipment and research equipment on the KIO Explore website. In addition, we are free to design the space and environment, set the lighting and can also realise abstract effects using shaders. Shaders are programmes that perform complex graphical calculations, for example for water or lighting effects.

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Quote 3-dimensional websites enable a completely new experience of content on the web. Away from photos on white backgrounds, towards the objects in different nuances of light and shadow, in the places that tell their story

Nicklas, Creative Director of KIO Explore

Technologies worked with

HTML, CSS, React, Typescript, Three.js, React Three Fiber