Project report

Jungle Rush - The new arcade classic?

Welcome to Jungle Rush, an addictive video game that was developed as part of Fabian's bachelor thesis in May 2023. The project focussed on researching 2D games in the arcade genre and their characteristic features in game design. As an arcade genre game, Jungle Rush was created with the Unity programme in order to examine the peculiarities of the genre in the general context of game development in a practice-oriented way.

Screenshot from the game Jungle Rush in which a monkey hunts bananas in a 2D jungle

Project participants

Fabian Knof

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Since the early 1970s, video games have managed to trigger an appeal in their users that goes far beyond pure entertainment. The fusion of interactive elements, creative design and captivating narratives creates immersive worlds that immerse players in unique experiences. But what are the concepts that combine to create a high-quality gaming experience and make a video game and its genre popular with its users?
JungleRush arose from the endeavour to apply theoretical approaches to game design, especially from the arcade game genre, in practice and thus transform them into a real gaming experience.

To do this, it is particularly worth looking at the early history of game development in order to recognise the basic characteristics of a genre and understand why these can be transferred just as well to modern games of today.

The result of the project is a 2D video game that transports players into a retro pixel-art style jungle world where they have to face the typical challenges of the arcade game genre. Speed, precision and timing are essential to be successful.

Quote A video game brings work from a wide range of different areas of expertise together. It is important that these go hand in hand to produce a coherent overall result.

Fabian, Developer of Jungle Rush

Start screen of the game

Captivating gameplay: JungleRush creates an authentic arcade experience through challenging and addictive game mechanics

Graphics and illustrations: In keeping with the historical origins of the genre, the game appears in retro pixel art style

Dynamic soundtracks: 5 different soundtracks accompany the player through different phases of the game.