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Communication, Targetgroups, Engagement: On the 17th of april we had a social media workshop at KIO. Victoria Birgel taught us 5 steps for successful social media marketing.


Victoria Birgel - linea weiss


Wednesday, 15. May 2024


On April 17th, the first workshop of the series "Kreative Köpfe von Morgen" (engl. "Creative Minds of Tomorrow") took place. In the workshop on the topic, Victoria Birgel from the agency linea weiss introduced the fundamentals for successful social media marketing:

Understand your customers' problem

Marketing is more than just advertising. It's about identifying and solving the problems of your target audience. These problems can be external or internal in nature, ranging from everyday challenges to identity-based needs.

Know where your customers are

To communicate effectively, you need to know where your target audience is. Different platforms appeal to different users. It's worth adapting content accordingly to reach the desired audience.

Keep a clear goal in mind

Successful marketing requires clear goals and strategies, whether it's gaining attention, engagement, or converting prospects into customers. A balanced mix of awareness and engagement posts, as well as product-oriented content, is crucial.

Stay true to yourself

Authenticity is the key to success. Marketing should align with the company's identity and not simply follow trends. Uniqueness and coherence are essential for building trust and creating long-term bonds.

Successful social media marketing is honest

Customer retention is at the heart of successful marketing. Through honest and authentic communication, you can build trust and keep customers loyal to your company in the long term. Avoid empty promises and instead focus on transparently presenting your offerings and values.

By following these steps, you can make your social media marketing more effective and convince your target audience that your company is the ideal problem solver for them.

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