A central goal of my work is to establish the Ostwestfalen-Lippe region and the city of Detmold in particular as a contact point and inspiring location for creative professionals. I have already achieved a great deal with the relocation and expansion of the media production department at TH OWL and the establishment of KreativInstitut.OWL on the Kreativ Campus Detmold. But the journey is not over yet. Science, culture and business need to be closely interlinked and an innovative future creatively shaped.

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since 2022

Head of Institute KreativInstitut.OWL

since 2021

1st Chairman Kreativ Campus Detmold e.V.


Professor of the Year awarded by the Unicum Foundation

2016 – 2023

Dean of the Department of Media Production

2006 – 2016

Vice Dean at the Department of Media Production

seit 2004

Professor of Media Production at the Department of Media Production

1999 – 2004

Head of the "Digital Media Systems" department in the IT/Organisation of RTL


PhD in Computer Science Topic: "Speicherplatzreduzierung und Informationsanalyse von MPEG-komprimierten Videos"


Degree in Computer Science at Clausthal University of Technology, specialising in Applied Computer Science, topic of diploma thesis: "Parallelisierung des Bildkompressionsstandards JPEG"


Zentrum für Nachhaltiges Digitales Bauen (ZNDB) [Centre for Sustainable Digital Building]

Advertising film/trade fair film. A film was produced for the trade fair stand of the Ministry of Regional Identity, Communities and Local Government, Building and Digitalisation of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia at EXPOReal in Munich, which vividly visualises the concept of the ZNDB. Based on real film parts, possibilities for the future of digital construction are visualised using fully digital image sequences.

Supervised theses

"Augmented Reality und die Umsetzung von Werbung in Verbindung mit neuen Medien"

The work shows new possibilities for the use of advertising with the help of augmented reality. Both limitations and technical requirements are discussed.

Bachelor thesis by Lars Warthemann

"Die Macht des Bewegtbildes – Visuelle Erzählung und cineastische Gestaltung in Echtzeitrendering-Umgebung"

The use of game engines for the creation of films is discussed in this thesis. The effect of the images after the application of VfX is discussed.

Bachelor thesis by Thilo Letmathe

"Ein Blick auf die Bedeutung der Selbstbestimmung im Medienwandel in Hinsicht auf Deepfake Pornografie"

The work deals with the background, the current situation and the effects of deepfake pornography. Technical aspects and the influence of deepfake videos on affected people are analysed.

Bachelor thesis by Pia Schneider

"Beste Practices bei der Entwicklung von NFT-Projekten"

Labelling digital works as unique and thus increasing their value. This is becoming increasingly important for creative professionals. This can be achieved with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The thesis shows various approaches to managing NFTs with the Ethereum blockchain.

Master thesis by Conrad Dreyer

"Umsetzung einer Unternehmenswebseite unter Betrachtung der Relevanz von Webseiten für Handwerksbetriebe"

Digital presences such as websites and social media channels are generally considered to be the central means of communication for medium-sized craft businesses. But is this really the case? This thesis analyses in what form such presences are relevant for the success of companies. A website is designed and implemented as an example.

Bachelor thesis by Jan Ewersmeyer


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